Much Props- Michigan Fan and ESPN

ESPN reported earlier today that a Michigan fan saved the life of a Notre Dame fan last Saturday at their respective football squads match-up.

Even these rowdy fans have a heart.

The Fighting Irish fan had a heart attack and the Wolverine quickly jumped in and performed CPR. The quick thinking did just enough for the staff to get there and use the automated electric defibrillator on the 69-year old man.

The story sadly comes as a surprise since most stories about rival fans nowadays are about fights and murders that ensue in stands and parking lots. This is a fresh reminder that in the end, we’re all sports fans and humans that simply don’t agree on jersey colors. Thank the reporters at ESPN for making sure this story made the top stories on the website.

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Much Props.


Much Props: The Oregon Duck

This mascot had to do a lot of training before Saturdays game.

The University of Oregon should be proud of their duck mascot after the smashing of their New Mexico opponents in the season opener.

Why should the mascot get any respect for the football teams success?

“The Duck” is well-known for doing push ups for every point that the team has scored up until that moment in the game. Unfortunately, this tired duck ended up cracking out 506 pushups after Oregon scored 72 points.

No matter who you are, it is quite the accomplishment to do that many pushups in such an oversized duck head and full body costume.

Much props.

A legend’s legacy…

The college basketball world was saddened by the news of John Wooden’s death early Friday night.

After 99 years of life, Wooden’s legacy will forever live in the UCLA basketball program as well as in college basketball all together. Legends such as Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar learned from Wooden and used their acquired skills in their professional careers. Wooden also touched many young coaches with his books and motivational speakings over the years.