Much Props- Michigan Fan and ESPN

ESPN reported earlier today that a Michigan fan saved the life of a Notre Dame fan last Saturday at their respective football squads match-up.

Even these rowdy fans have a heart.

The Fighting Irish fan had a heart attack and the Wolverine quickly jumped in and performed CPR. The quick thinking did just enough for the staff to get there and use the automated electric defibrillator on the 69-year old man.

The story sadly comes as a surprise since most stories about rival fans nowadays are about fights and murders that ensue in stands and parking lots. This is a fresh reminder that in the end, we’re all sports fans and humans that simply don’t agree on jersey colors. Thank the reporters at ESPN for making sure this story made the top stories on the website.

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Much Props.


Much Props: Chris Johnson’s Contract and The Jags’ Classy Move

Tennessee- It nearly took all of pre-season for the Titans’ and running back Chris Johnson to come to an agreement, but the deal has finally been made.

Chris Johnson has reason to celebrate off the field.

The Florida native held out until there was only a few days left in the pre-season. The larger contract he had been waiting for came in the sum of $53 million with his 4-year extension, with $30 million of the contract guaranteed.

Johnson has led the league in rush yards for the past three season, with him racking up 1,364 yards this past year.

CJ28 showed the rest of the league that if you hold out long enough, you can get the money you think you deserve. He had numbers to back his claims and got his desired contract.

Much Props.

Jacksonville- Long-time Jaguar, Fred Taylor has decided to hang em up after 13 seasons in the NFL. Taylor spent his first 11 seasons with the squad that drafted him back in ’98.

Fred Taylor walking off the field in his Jags' uniform.

After spending two seasons with the New England Patriots, the Jaguars have decided to sign Taylor to a one-day deal in order to retire the running back as a Jag.

Taylor rushed for nearly 12,000 yards in his career and tallied 66 touchdowns to go along with 7 seasons of at least a thousand yards.

The classy move by the Jags should show everyone that this game is more than one-field battles and contract negotiations. Thank you, Jags.

Much Props.

Much Props: Shaquille O’Neal

After 19 years Shaq has called it a career with a short video posted about an hour ago on his twitter.

Shaq has had quite the career since he started his dominance in Orlando.

The decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise after only playing 752 minutes this passed season with the Boston Celtics.

Although it was about time for him to retire, fans all over the league will miss the future Hall of Famer.

Much Props

Much Props: Kevin Love

Yahoo recently made fun of the former UCLA Bruin, but more people should be like Kevin Love.

Kevin Love is always willing to help his teammates.

[see the video here:

Although the “low-five” looked awkward, most will not see what truly matters in this horrid exchange. Effort.

Teammate Wesley Johnson wanted to show Love some props and these props were going to be received by any means necessary.

After chasing down Johnson for almost three full seconds, the two finally touched hands and showed that if you put your mind to something, it can be achieved.

Much Props.

Much Props: Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens latest fine, according to sources,  may have been a hit to his wallet but it also should have hit a soft spot in reader’s hearts.

The star Bengal receiver was dealt

Owens tried to help, and got punished by the NFL

a $5,000 fine for posting something on his Twitter account too close to the kick-off of their match-up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 5.

According to Owens, the “tweet” was to help a charity that benefits children in Kenya.

If this is true, Owens did the right thing by breaking the league’s policy in order to help others.

Much props.

Much Props: Ron Artest

Will somebody please think of the children?!

The happiest Los Angeles Laker at the end of their championship run had to have been Ron Artest.

He has now said that once he receives his championship ring, he is going to auction it off as a fundraiser to add more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapist for students to enjoy and access in schools.

“I’m never going to put it on,” he said in an interview for

The thought that he’d sell what he worked a whole year for in order to help the children is simply amazing.

Much Props.

Much Props: Umpire Bob Davidson

It’s normal for fans to yell and curse at the umpire but last night was a perfect example that there is a man behind those masks and he can only take so much as a human being.

Bob Davidson stood up for all umpires that have taken scrutiny from the fans when he ejected fan Sean Otto out of the stands.

Davidson went nearly 7 innings with Otto’s trash talk behind the backstop until he finally had enough and booted the 44-year old man.

Otto was apparently yelling at St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina before Davidson stepped in.

Brewer fans should be ashamed to claim Otto as one of their own after giving him a standing ovation on his way out of the stadium.

Davidson did the right thing by finally taking the initiative and letting fans know that they too can be tossed.

Much Props.