MLB warns players about deer spray…

Major League Baseball issued a warning to its players last week about a new substance that can make players test positive for methyltestosterone.

Methyltestosterone is a banned substance that has already been banned by the MLB but it doesn’t show up on the ingredients list for the deer-antler spray some players have been using.

The spray is applied under to tongue and is said to be an alternative to steroids because it has IGF-1.

IGF-1 is an insulin-like growth factor that the manufacturers say can cause “anabolic or growth stimulation,” “athletic performance” and “muscular strength and endurance” as reported by ESPN.

According to the report, players had felt free to use the spray at nearly no risk until the warning was sent last week by the league.


Hoffman earns save #600

Hoffman became the first player to reach 600 career saves.

Trevor Hoffman was the first closer to reach the 600-save milestone last night in Milwaukee.

The 42-year-old got the St. Louis Cardinals’ Aaron Miles to hit a grounder for the final out of the night.

Hoffman earned his 600th save in 676 save opportunities then was raisd onto the shoulders of teammates and carried off the field.

Congrats to Hoffman for his achievment.

Much Props: Umpire Bob Davidson

It’s normal for fans to yell and curse at the umpire but last night was a perfect example that there is a man behind those masks and he can only take so much as a human being.

Bob Davidson stood up for all umpires that have taken scrutiny from the fans when he ejected fan Sean Otto out of the stands.

Davidson went nearly 7 innings with Otto’s trash talk behind the backstop until he finally had enough and booted the 44-year old man.

Otto was apparently yelling at St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina before Davidson stepped in.

Brewer fans should be ashamed to claim Otto as one of their own after giving him a standing ovation on his way out of the stadium.

Davidson did the right thing by finally taking the initiative and letting fans know that they too can be tossed.

Much Props.

Scully’s reign to continue…

The golden voice of long-time Los Angeles Dodger announcer Vin Scully will be around for the 2011 season.

The Dodgers announced today that Scully will be behind the mic once again after a tough decision-making process.

“I just love it so much; it’s like a very good marriage,” Scully said in an interview on the Dodgers website. “When push came to shove, I just didn’t want to leave. My wife, God bless her, said, ‘If you love it, do it.’

Although the Dodgers haven’t looked great many times this year, the voice of Scully will surely be appreciated while tolerating the pitiful play of the Dodger bullpen.

Scully has been with the Blue Crew since 1950 and has been the man behind the mic since the Dodgers moved to LA 53 years ago.

“After that, only God knows how long I’ll continue to work,” Scully said in his informal interview.

Where’s the All-Star mentality?

It’s 2010 and the MLB All-Star game is upon us again.

Anaheim has been buzzing for the past week. Fans enjoyed the Fanfest as many fans did in Los Angeles when the NBA All-Star game was held at the Staples Center.

Once the first pitch is tossed tomorrow, the mood will change because “this one matters”. The MLB is the only sport that makes the All-Star game more than just an exhibition with the best athletes in the game.

Players and coaches alike know that if they would like home-field advantage they will need to take this game seriously rather than enjoy the break in the 162-game season.

Although the NBA and the NFL don’t make their all-star game worth something, the competition is still relevant and the games are still entertaining. Putting something as important as the World Series on the line isn’t smart and hasn’t been smart of Bud Selig and Co.

Years have passed and every year people stop and wonder why this game is still important and impactful on the World Series.

Fans will still enjoy seeing so many stars in one place, but, come playoff time, they will wish that exhibition game back in July didn’t potentially put the dagger in their team’s back.

Strasburg the mortal…

The myth. The legend. The strikeout master. The mortal?

Many see Stephen Strasburg as a Hall of Famer in the making. Strikeout after strikeout is proof of his dominance. Right?

Strasburg’s first starts came against lesser teams in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Kansas City. He is now 2-2 in the MLB and the fans are talking All-Star game.

Although his pitches continue to confuse the batters he faces, players seem to slowly be catching on to his style and now have a solid scouting report now that he has made five appearances. All the hype is dwindling away and players in the batters box are now up against a pitcher and not against a man-made God.

Slowly, but surely, Strasburg’s strikeout numbers will fall and his runs allowed will continue to rise.

It was nice while it lasted but he won’t always be as dominant as he was just weeks ago. People will now see if this legend in the making will live up to his hype.

Pobody’s Nerfect…

Armando Galarraga

Umpire Jim Joyce calls someone safe at first and the world hates him.

Everyone in the baseball world will make Joyce the new Steve Bartman. The person to look at, send hate mail to, and laugh about at the mere mention of his name.

All this media coverage will tarnish Joyce’s legacy as one of the better umpires in the MLB but the one person that should be angry, isn’t.

Armando Galarraga understands that Joyce is human and “everyone makes mistakes.”

If the pitcher that had his perfect game ruined by a missed call after 8 2/3 innings of perfect baseball isn’t angry, then why is everyone else?

People need to calm down and give Joyce a break and see what is truly newsworthy. Galarraga’s outing was a great accomplishment for his own career and no one will give him any credit because they’d rather bash on someone else.

Congratulations Galarraga.