The Worst of the Curse?

Cleveland Browns’ cover boy Peyton Hillis has strep throat.

Fans hope to see Hillis back in action for their Browns.

Every year the media, and fans alike, keep a close on eye on the player that has been featured on that years version of Madden.

Madden 2012 featured the Cleveland running back and the “Madden Curse” has officially struck once again. Or has it?

Daunte Culpepper’s knee in 2002, Michael Vick’s right fibula in 2004, and Shaun Alexander’s foot in 2007. These events occurred after these players faces graced the cover of Madden and knocked them out of games at a time.

Hillis’ strep throat has knocked him out this week against the Miami Dolphins but could this only be the beginning of worse things to come?

Cleveland fans are hoping that the worst is being dealt with this week and that Hillis will return to the backfield next week against the Tennessee Titans.


MLB warns players about deer spray…

Major League Baseball issued a warning to its players last week about a new substance that can make players test positive for methyltestosterone.

Methyltestosterone is a banned substance that has already been banned by the MLB but it doesn’t show up on the ingredients list for the deer-antler spray some players have been using.

The spray is applied under to tongue and is said to be an alternative to steroids because it has IGF-1.

IGF-1 is an insulin-like growth factor that the manufacturers say can cause “anabolic or growth stimulation,” “athletic performance” and “muscular strength and endurance” as reported by ESPN.

According to the report, players had felt free to use the spray at nearly no risk until the warning was sent last week by the league.

Much Props: Michael Vick and Nike

Nike and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick have agreed on an endorsement deal once again.

Photo via FTR Sports

This time the star quarterback and the equipment giants have agreed to a four-year deal.

Vick was already signed to an endorsement deal with Unequal Technologies after his run-in with the law but the Nike deal has seemingly made a bigger splash in the media.

Although some people are angered by the endorsement deal, these people must understand that the mistreatment of a human being is a lot more harmful than the dogs involved with sentence Vick served. The treatment of Vick throughout the whole process has now finally changed tide with this signing.

Everyone can now move on with the past since Nike already has. Now the both deserve respect for leading the way.

Much Props.

Much Props: Umpire Bob Davidson

It’s normal for fans to yell and curse at the umpire but last night was a perfect example that there is a man behind those masks and he can only take so much as a human being.

Bob Davidson stood up for all umpires that have taken scrutiny from the fans when he ejected fan Sean Otto out of the stands.

Davidson went nearly 7 innings with Otto’s trash talk behind the backstop until he finally had enough and booted the 44-year old man.

Otto was apparently yelling at St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina before Davidson stepped in.

Brewer fans should be ashamed to claim Otto as one of their own after giving him a standing ovation on his way out of the stadium.

Davidson did the right thing by finally taking the initiative and letting fans know that they too can be tossed.

Much Props.

A change of heart…

Rajon Rondo decided to withdraw from the USA roster consideration.

Rajon Rondo started both games at point guard in olympic competition and has surprisingly withdrawn from contention.

The Boston Celtic didn’t play at all on Sunday against Spain, but what is the real reason of his sudden change of heart?

The guard has never been known as a shooter and the fact of the matter is that he wouldn’t have been an asset to the team. Rondo’s style of play would have actually hurt the team and having him off the team is better for everyone.

Another reason Rondo may have wanted to skip off-season minutes is because he is coming back to an elderly team that will need him to carry them back into the playoffs.

In the end, everyone will be happy that the misfiring Rondo will keep his game in Boston.

Favre finally finished?

Will Brett Favre return for one more season?

Reports have been all over ESPN these past days that Brett Favre is telling teammates that he will retire before the beginning of this season.

The news comes as a surprise because the Minnesota Vikings looked to have had a solid team coming into the season after narrowly missing the Super Bowl last year.

Head Coach Brad Childress said he didn’t receive a text from Favre and that he’d have to “hear it from the horse’s mouth” in order to believe the reports.

If the reports are true, this would be Favre’s third time retiring from the NFL, but will it be the final time? Is this third time still considered a charm?

Favre ended last season by throwing an interception as he did the seasons before. Has he lost his touch?

All signs point to no because Favre had an exceptional season before literally throwing it all away in the NFC championship game. The 40-year-old threw for over 4,000 yards and 33 touchdowns with a career-low seven interceptions in leading his Vikings.

The retirement would mark the end of the career of one of the greatest quarterback to ever walk to field, but is he really going to walk away?

Thoughts are that he can’t repeat the passing clinic he put on last year so he should go out on top, but Favre isn’t going to be happy until he wins another Super Bowl.

Fans can only wait and watch until the decision is officially made by Favre himself. Until then, Vegas has had betting on how long it will take for the quarterback to attend camp.

Who else has money on “within the week”.

The T.Ochocinco Show

The Cincinnati Bengals have made their passing game a little more feared with the new addition of Terrell Owens.

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens look to take over the NFL...together.

Owens will reportedly sign a one-year contract that can possibly earn him $4 million and have him playing side-by-side with fellow all-star receiver Chad Ochocinco.

The Bengals had already been busy this off-season, acquiring receivers Matt Jones and Antonio Bryant and running backs Cedric Benson and Larry Johnson in hopes of returning to the playoffs this season.

The real question is if the two media hungry receivers can coexist on one field. Both are used to being the No. 1 option for their quarterback to look for in the clutch and this may cause unnecessary drama in Cincy.

The two rely on being the star and having the camera on them at all times but can they come together and share the spotlight for the better of the Bengals?

The Bengals front office seems to think so, the Cincinnati fans hope so, but this blogger is banking on “not a chance.”

Both will want the ball in the red zone and once the team fails to capitalize by trying to go to the other, the fireworks will be sure to follow.