Mayweather taking advantage or sucker punching?

Now that the Mayweather/Ortiz fight has ended, let the media frenzy begin. Seconds after Ortiz and his hug efforts went crashing to the canvas, you could practically feel the world stop and express the approval, or disapproval, of the two-punch knockout.

The pre-fight meeting was just a taste of what would unfold on Saturday.

Ortiz fans and Mayweather haters are crying foul, but in the end, it was a legal combo that put Ortiz on his back.

The coming hours and days will show that boxing will still find its way into the ESPN headlines while the UFC is still around. Whether the WBC wanted it to happen this way, or not, doesn’t really matter.

Winners of the day? Boxing fans and the media, because it gives em something to talk about in these coming days and years to come. Oh, and Camp Mayweather.


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