Much Props: Michael Vick and Nike

Nike and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick have agreed on an endorsement deal once again.

Photo via FTR Sports

This time the star quarterback and the equipment giants have agreed to a four-year deal.

Vick was already signed to an endorsement deal with Unequal Technologies after his run-in with the law but the Nike deal has seemingly made a bigger splash in the media.

Although some people are angered by the endorsement deal, these people must understand that the mistreatment of a human being is a lot more harmful than the dogs involved with sentence Vick served. The treatment of Vick throughout the whole process has now finally changed tide with this signing.

Everyone can now move on with the past since Nike already has. Now the both deserve respect for leading the way.

Much Props.


4 Responses to Much Props: Michael Vick and Nike

  1. real person says:

    I will never buy a nike product again! i can not believe that nike would support the abuse of inocent animals! that is sooooo wrong!

    • Svflores says:

      everyone deserves a second chance. he served his time and is now moving forward bettering himself. he admitted what he did is wrong and apologized.
      if you were in his position you would want to be forgiven for what you did and would be frustrated because you learned from your mistakes but others dont believe you. i understand you are against animal abuse but you dont know Vick personally so dont be negative when you havent had a chance to speak to him one on one and you cant read minds so how can you tell he isnt sorry. just saying you sound like a negative person.
      p.s. its your opinion just like it is mine
      LE’ GO!!!!

    • sethers says:

      If you’re that worried about animals–you already wouldn’t be buying Nike shoes. Most of their shoes are made of leather and children make their shoes over in Malaysia. Quit crying from the top of your ivory tower.

    • Seth Rhine says:

      If you are against animal abuse, or even child labor, then you would have never bought a Nike product in the first place. Half of their shit is made in Malaysia by child labor and most of their shoes are made out of leather. If you ever bought a Nike product in the past, then you have no right saying this. At least Michael Vick has apologized for his animal abuse and now donates a significant amount to animal causes. Have you apologized yet?

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