Karma at its finest…

Wade and James can't seem to figure out the winning formula this series.

Karma finds a way to be talked about in all parts of the world, especially sports.

Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki injured his finger in Game 1 and received tons of coverage about the effect it may have on his play and the series.

Nowitzki had a fever and a cough heading into Game 5 that yet again received coverage.

The Heat’s Dwyane Wade and Lebron James thought it’d be funny to mock the coverage that their series foe was receiving for his “injuries” before their Game 5 loss to the Mavs.

Karma found it’s way into the series and quickly fought back. Wade injured his hip in the first quarter and had to leave the court until the second half.

Wade must now deal with the injury and keep quite about it or else be suspect to the title of being a hypocrite.

Not only could Wade have used his injury as an excuse as to why his team has now fallen down 3-2 in the series. I never condone excuses but it will prolong the respect that the Mavs’ performance will get after this series that the media has so desperately tried to keep away from them.

Until then, lets keep talking about how James is still virtually non-existent in this series during the most important quarter of them all, the fourth.


Much Props: Shaquille O’Neal

After 19 years Shaq has called it a career with a short video posted about an hour ago on his twitter.

Shaq has had quite the career since he started his dominance in Orlando.

The decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise after only playing 752 minutes this passed season with the Boston Celtics.

Although it was about time for him to retire, fans all over the league will miss the future Hall of Famer.

Much Props

What playoffs?…

The Miami Heat just finished winning game one of the 2011 NBA Finals and some fans didn’t care to tune in.

Fans of all the teams that have already faltered in this years playoffs have already turned their sights on to next season.

So what about the winner of this year’s title?

Many Los Angeles Laker fans were so upset with the lack of effort in their series with the Dallas Mavericks that even the thought of basketball was enough to bring them to their knees in disgust.

Other fans around the league have seemingly done the same as “The Big 3” continue their dominance in the playoffs.

Either fans are still bitter about their teams’ losses or they simply don’t care enough to catch the finals.

Soon enough Mavericks’ fans will also forget about these finals if Forward Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t step up his play and carry his team to even up this series.

For those fans that aren’t going to watch Nowitzki possibly “choke” in yet another final, enjoy the remainder of the baseball season.