Miami’s Cold, LA expectations heating up…

The Miami Heat’s struggles continued last night after falling to 5-4 with the team’s latest loss to the Boston Celtics.

Entering the season the Heat were already getting tons of hype and expectations that exceeded actual possibility.

Many expected to see the team achieve a 70-win season and NBA supremacy but now the squad is struggling to keep their heads above .500.

The latest loss has their Eastern Conference foes feeling pretty good about themselves and even has Celtic Forward Paul Pierce mocking Lebron James.

“It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to South Beach now on to to Memphis,” said Pierce on his Twitter page.

The tweet is seemingly taking a jab at the infamous quote by James  during his television announcement special.

Pau Gasol's play could be key in the Lakers success this season.

Although Miami’s struggles so far have seemingly damaged their record season hopes, the reigning champions are regaining the spotlight in Los Angeles.

The Lakers picked up their season where they left off, victorious.

Their 8-1 record shouldn’t be surprising with most of the team returning to defend their title and the additions of solid role players such as Matt Barnes and Steve Blake.

Kobe Bryant is having one of his worst shooting seasons of his career but players like Pau Gasol and Ron Artest have so far done enough to carry the team to the top of the NBA rankings.

Bryant is slowly coming out of his offensive slump as of late and shot for a season high 34 points in the Lakers last game against the Denver Nuggets.

Once, Bryant fully gets back to his consistent offensive self it’ll be hard to deny that the Lakers will be the favorite to win their third title in as many years.

The solid play even has fans thinking the Lakers are the team to watch for that 70-win season. Although still early in the season, the Lakers and their fans are sure hoping so.


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