‘Lights Out’ indeed…

Randy Couture vs. James Toney could be the first event of many to come.

James Toney never really stood a chance on Saturday night, but the idea that a boxer could possibly beat someone in the MMA realm was enticing.

Randy Couture wasn’t about to let the out-of-shape boxer take the first win in what seems to be the first step in the direction of something big.

Boxers against mixed martial artists is just what both sports need in order to finally solve the question of the year. Boxing or UFC?

Traditional, older men will pick boxing while the younger crowd lives for the MMA scene. Although the pay-per-view numbers may show that MMA has the edge, the only way both sports can come into an agreement is by having a series of fights in each others rings while follwing the others rules.

Since Toney already stepped out of his element and fought the UFC legend, the next logical thing is to have a fighter from the UFC jump into the ring and fight toe-to-toe against a boxer.

Although the idea of these fights may be a long shot, this fight fan still gives the edge to the UFC. No boxer can ever take a fight to the ground and still survive but any UFC star can pull off a victory in a stand-up battle.

When all is said and done, we’ll thank Toney for being the first to try crossing over. Even if it was painful to watch at the time.


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