Silva steals the victory

Anderson Silva can enjoy his title..for now.

Anderson Silva hasn’t lost a fight since January 2006. So beating Chael Sonnen shouldn’t haven’t been too tough for him saturday night…right?

Sonnen dominated “The Spider” on the mats through four rounds, but lost his title hopes after getting submitted midway through the fifth. The armbar put an end to the bout and Silva retained his middleweight title belt.

Although Silva is still the champion it is evident that “The Spider” isn’t invincible.

Fighters across the UFC will look to learn from Sonnen’s mistake in the final round as well as try and mimic his dominant performance in order to knock Silva off his thrown.

Look for Silva’s next fight, to be his last as the middleweight champion.


One Response to Silva steals the victory

  1. Nathan Percy says:

    Hey, don’t forget the possibility of a rematch. Keep in mind that this is by far the closest Silva has come to losing his belt, period. Sonnen dominated every round and then got careless in the 5th, otherwise, that belt would be his. You have to think he’ll get another shot in the very near future.

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