‘Lights Out’ indeed…

Randy Couture vs. James Toney could be the first event of many to come.

James Toney never really stood a chance on Saturday night, but the idea that a boxer could possibly beat someone in the MMA realm was enticing.

Randy Couture wasn’t about to let the out-of-shape boxer take the first win in what seems to be the first step in the direction of something big.

Boxers against mixed martial artists is just what both sports need in order to finally solve the question of the year. Boxing or UFC?

Traditional, older men will pick boxing while the younger crowd lives for the MMA scene. Although the pay-per-view numbers may show that MMA has the edge, the only way both sports can come into an agreement is by having a series of fights in each others rings while follwing the others rules.

Since Toney already stepped out of his element and fought the UFC legend, the next logical thing is to have a fighter from the UFC jump into the ring and fight toe-to-toe against a boxer.

Although the idea of these fights may be a long shot, this fight fan still gives the edge to the UFC. No boxer can ever take a fight to the ground and still survive but any UFC star can pull off a victory in a stand-up battle.

When all is said and done, we’ll thank Toney for being the first to try crossing over. Even if it was painful to watch at the time.


A change of heart…

Rajon Rondo decided to withdraw from the USA roster consideration.

Rajon Rondo started both games at point guard in olympic competition and has surprisingly withdrawn from contention.

The Boston Celtic didn’t play at all on Sunday against Spain, but what is the real reason of his sudden change of heart?

The guard has never been known as a shooter and the fact of the matter is that he wouldn’t have been an asset to the team. Rondo’s style of play would have actually hurt the team and having him off the team is better for everyone.

Another reason Rondo may have wanted to skip off-season minutes is because he is coming back to an elderly team that will need him to carry them back into the playoffs.

In the end, everyone will be happy that the misfiring Rondo will keep his game in Boston.

Scully’s reign to continue…

The golden voice of long-time Los Angeles Dodger announcer Vin Scully will be around for the 2011 season.

The Dodgers announced today that Scully will be behind the mic once again after a tough decision-making process.

“I just love it so much; it’s like a very good marriage,” Scully said in an interview on the Dodgers website. “When push came to shove, I just didn’t want to leave. My wife, God bless her, said, ‘If you love it, do it.’

Although the Dodgers haven’t looked great many times this year, the voice of Scully will surely be appreciated while tolerating the pitiful play of the Dodger bullpen.

Scully has been with the Blue Crew since 1950 and has been the man behind the mic since the Dodgers moved to LA 53 years ago.

“After that, only God knows how long I’ll continue to work,” Scully said in his informal interview.

One change calls for another…

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have finally begun to deal with the departure with former golden child Lebron James, more changes need to be made to forget all the “good times”.

The Cavs have unveiled their new jerseys that they will be wearing for the upcoming season. The new kits are a lot more basic and retro compared to the flashy ones they debuted with the arrival of The King in the 2003-2004 season.The same colors will be used but, this time around, they are a lot less glossy and metallic in exchange for colors that resemble their ‘70s jerseys.

The new look will help fans cope with any remaining memories they had left with James in a Cavaliers jersey. The bitter taste left after witnessing their hero walk away from their beloved team will hopefully go with the old jerseys.

Besides, change is always good.

Silva steals the victory

Anderson Silva can enjoy his title..for now.

Anderson Silva hasn’t lost a fight since January 2006. So beating Chael Sonnen shouldn’t haven’t been too tough for him saturday night…right?

Sonnen dominated “The Spider” on the mats through four rounds, but lost his title hopes after getting submitted midway through the fifth. The armbar put an end to the bout and Silva retained his middleweight title belt.

Although Silva is still the champion it is evident that “The Spider” isn’t invincible.

Fighters across the UFC will look to learn from Sonnen’s mistake in the final round as well as try and mimic his dominant performance in order to knock Silva off his thrown.

Look for Silva’s next fight, to be his last as the middleweight champion.

De ja vu?

Brett Favre only took the short time it took for me to write the previous post to come out and say he will play for the Vikings next season, if he’s healthy enough.

Brett Favre hasn’t missed a start in decades so i’m assuming he will be back with his Vikings teammates once the running and other “not fun” stuff is done.

Expect to see him starting Week 1.

Favre finally finished?

Will Brett Favre return for one more season?

Reports have been all over ESPN these past days that Brett Favre is telling teammates that he will retire before the beginning of this season.

The news comes as a surprise because the Minnesota Vikings looked to have had a solid team coming into the season after narrowly missing the Super Bowl last year.

Head Coach Brad Childress said he didn’t receive a text from Favre and that he’d have to “hear it from the horse’s mouth” in order to believe the reports.

If the reports are true, this would be Favre’s third time retiring from the NFL, but will it be the final time? Is this third time still considered a charm?

Favre ended last season by throwing an interception as he did the seasons before. Has he lost his touch?

All signs point to no because Favre had an exceptional season before literally throwing it all away in the NFC championship game. The 40-year-old threw for over 4,000 yards and 33 touchdowns with a career-low seven interceptions in leading his Vikings.

The retirement would mark the end of the career of one of the greatest quarterback to ever walk to field, but is he really going to walk away?

Thoughts are that he can’t repeat the passing clinic he put on last year so he should go out on top, but Favre isn’t going to be happy until he wins another Super Bowl.

Fans can only wait and watch until the decision is officially made by Favre himself. Until then, Vegas has had betting on how long it will take for the quarterback to attend camp.

Who else has money on “within the week”.