Where’s the All-Star mentality?

It’s 2010 and the MLB All-Star game is upon us again.

Anaheim has been buzzing for the past week. Fans enjoyed the Fanfest as many fans did in Los Angeles when the NBA All-Star game was held at the Staples Center.

Once the first pitch is tossed tomorrow, the mood will change because “this one matters”. The MLB is the only sport that makes the All-Star game more than just an exhibition with the best athletes in the game.

Players and coaches alike know that if they would like home-field advantage they will need to take this game seriously rather than enjoy the break in the 162-game season.

Although the NBA and the NFL don’t make their all-star game worth something, the competition is still relevant and the games are still entertaining. Putting something as important as the World Series on the line isn’t smart and hasn’t been smart of Bud Selig and Co.

Years have passed and every year people stop and wonder why this game is still important and impactful on the World Series.

Fans will still enjoy seeing so many stars in one place, but, come playoff time, they will wish that exhibition game back in July didn’t potentially put the dagger in their team’s back.


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