The fall of “The King”…

Lebron James decided that he belongs in Miami. James decided he wants to win rings and that he couldn’t do it in Cleveland. James decided it would be easier in Miami with two all-stars by his side.

Millions of fans decided that James is narcissistic and attention hungry for allowing his hour-long special and the media circus to go on even though it seemed he knew what he was going to do the whole time.

It’s hard to believe that he truly decided to go to South Beach Thursday morning. Friday’s concert-like introduction to the Heat fans seemed more like a championship parade than a simple picture with the players new jerseys.

With all the frenzy behind us, fans are beginning to realize that they really don’t like King James. They would like to believe he was the chosen one, but many have to second-guess whether or not they wanted to really “witness” any on this.

He tried to win a ring in Cleveland and failed on multiple occasions. Rather than strap himself in for more years he decided to quit on his hometown and move to Florida for what seems to be a easy championship road.

Many are hopping onto the bandwagon but the “Miami Thrice” isn’t an instant dynasty because it looks good on paper.

Kobe Bryant had the opporunity to leave his beloved Lakers but he stayed and simply tried harder rather than take an easy way to a ring.

His decision was a good one because he is now the proud owner of five championship rings and heading into next season with a team that can only get better.

Past legends, including Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, stayed with one team their whole careers. James said he knew NBA history but he was obviously confused with world history and Benedict Arnold.

Slowly but surely the fans around the U.S. will begin to dislike James more and more and all he will be left with is Heat fans and Laker haters.

The once hated Bryant will begin to get some respect from his haters for his loyalty to Los Angeles. He is living proof that sticking with your team is almost always best in the end.

It seemed the day where Kobe Bryant is more likes than King James would never come. The day is coming soon, if it isn’t already upon us.


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