To tune in, or to not tune in…

Lebron James finds himself comfortable in the spotlight.

There will be a whole hour special on television for all the fans and journalists to finally find out where Lebron James will play next season.

Will he stay in Cleveland? Will he join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami? Will he surprise everyone and pick Chicago, or even the Clippers?

The only thing that is certain is that I won’t play into his popularity games and watch this hour special.

King James is getting a lot of flack for pulling such a stunt in order to get even more eyes on him. Not only can he disappoint his hometown Cavs fans but he can slap them in the face and wave goodbye at the same time. Or he can decide to stay in Cleveland and have wasted an hour of millions of viewer’s lives.

This move can tarnish his career and truly show the lack of class he possesses as well as add on to his off court antics when he neglected to shake hands with the other team after his playoff loss in 2009. Or it can simply show that he is indeed addicted to the cameras and the limelight and would do anything for attention.

The King is slowly making himself out to be the jerk of the NBA and everyone is watching the downward spiral of Cleveland’s golden child summed up in one hour.


One Response to To tune in, or to not tune in…

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and I will definitely be tuning in! If all the ESPN reports are true and Lebron heads to Miami I wonder how that’s all going to pan out. I have disliked Lebron for his whole career and I won’t be able to cheer for them anymore but it will still be very interesting. This night is going to go down as one of the most historic nights ever and if he doesn’t join Bosh and Wade even better. Also, you think you could check out my blog as well cuz I really want to know your thoughts on my thoughts 🙂 .

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