Strasburg the mortal…

The myth. The legend. The strikeout master. The mortal?

Many see Stephen Strasburg as a Hall of Famer in the making. Strikeout after strikeout is proof of his dominance. Right?

Strasburg’s first starts came against lesser teams in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Kansas City. He is now 2-2 in the MLB and the fans are talking All-Star game.

Although his pitches continue to confuse the batters he faces, players seem to slowly be catching on to his style and now have a solid scouting report now that he has made five appearances. All the hype is dwindling away and players in the batters box are now up against a pitcher and not against a man-made God.

Slowly, but surely, Strasburg’s strikeout numbers will fall and his runs allowed will continue to rise.

It was nice while it lasted but he won’t always be as dominant as he was just weeks ago. People will now see if this legend in the making will live up to his hype.


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