This is 2010 after all…

Referees have made an impact in this World Cup.

3D TV’s, iPads, and hybrid cars. The year is 2010 and everything seems to be moving in the right direction when it comes to technology. Even sports have let the times change them.

Football allows referees to review replays in tough situations. As does baseball, basketball and even hockey. The only sport that seems to be staying behind is the world’s most popular sport; soccer.

Disallowed goals and other missed calls have cast a cloud over the World Cup yet again but the futbol world doesnt seem like it’ll be making a change soon.

England and Mexico are the latest teams to fall victim to the human eye.

The Three Lions had an equalizing goal taken away from them after previously being down 2 goals. The ball crossed the line and bounced back into play but neither referee saw what really happened so the game continued at 2-1 in Germany’s favor.

Mexico gave up the first goal of the game against Argentina but a missed offsides call made it possible. Carlos Tevez was well behind the nearest Mexican defender but the linesman missed the call and the Argentinians capatalized.

Although I agree that there should be some sort of replay in soccer, these games were not lost because of the calls. Both teams lost by two or more goals and the calls wouldn’t have changed the outcome drastically enough to save either teams World Cup dreams.

Replays in soccer should be held to potential offsides calls and goal line coverage. Fouls have always and should always be left to the referee. (Sorry USA)

Realistically speaking, the futbol world may only take in a replay system that will prevent a goal from being missed again or awarding a goal when it shouldn’t be given.

With that said, nothing is going to change in this year’s cup so everyone needs to stop worrying about missed calls and enjoy the world class competition.


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