Not surprised…

The world is having a hard time dealing with the recent losses of some of futbol’s biggest names.

Both Mexico and the United States failed to advance to the next round after disappointing outings against Argentina and Ghana. England had a tougher challenge in facing Germany while Italy didn’t even make it out of their group. But was anyone truly surprised by these team’s losses?

While Mexico is known worldwide for it’s soccer skills, they have never won a World Cup in its history.

The Americans went into this World Cup with high hopes as well. Their win-or-go-home attitude had them see early success but fail in the round of 16.

Both England and Italy had a great showing four years ago. England played their way into the quarterfinals while Italy won it all. 2010 proved to be a different story as both seemed old and tired this time around.

Now that these teams are out of contention, the spotlight is swinging back to the other powerhouses that should have had the attention from the beginning.

Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Germany all look to do what many quietly expected them to do; win.

Only time will tell if they too will disappoint or if they’ll be celebrating come July 11.


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