Pobody’s Nerfect…

Armando Galarraga

Umpire Jim Joyce calls someone safe at first and the world hates him.

Everyone in the baseball world will make Joyce the new Steve Bartman. The person to look at, send hate mail to, and laugh about at the mere mention of his name.

All this media coverage will tarnish Joyce’s legacy as one of the better umpires in the MLB but the one person that should be angry, isn’t.

Armando Galarraga understands that Joyce is human and “everyone makes mistakes.”

If the pitcher that had his perfect game ruined by a missed call after 8 2/3 innings of perfect baseball isn’t angry, then why is everyone else?

People need to calm down and give Joyce a break and see what is truly newsworthy. Galarraga’s outing was a great accomplishment for his own career and no one will give him any credit because they’d rather bash on someone else.

Congratulations Galarraga.


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