How the ball bounces…

The official match ball of the 2010 World Cup

It’s only every four years that the futbol world gets to enjoy some world class competition on the big stage of the World Cup.

Players, coaches and fans begin to get antsy as opening day nears, but some already have things to complain about.

This year the players have yet again complained about the official match ball, the Jabulani.

Goalkeepers are complaining that the ball swerves unexpectedly due to its newly textured surface that is supposed to help with aerodynamics.

Spain’s keeper Iker Casillas called the Jabulani a “beach ball” while Brazil’s Julio Cesar called it a “supermarket” ball.

Strikers have even taken a disliking to the ball and many wonder how, and why, the ball was chosen as the official ball. Both keepers and strikers seem to be at a disadvantage with Adidas’ new ball.

A study done by Adidas showed that the high altitude in Johannesburg will also make the ball travel 5 percent faster than the original shot’s speed.

Although most seem to not like the ball, they will have to deal with it come June 11.


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