Strasburg the mortal…

The myth. The legend. The strikeout master. The mortal?

Many see Stephen Strasburg as a Hall of Famer in the making. Strikeout after strikeout is proof of his dominance. Right?

Strasburg’s first starts came against lesser teams in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Kansas City. He is now 2-2 in the MLB and the fans are talking All-Star game.

Although his pitches continue to confuse the batters he faces, players seem to slowly be catching on to his style and now have a solid scouting report now that he has made five appearances. All the hype is dwindling away and players in the batters box are now up against a pitcher and not against a man-made God.

Slowly, but surely, Strasburg’s strikeout numbers will fall and his runs allowed will continue to rise.

It was nice while it lasted but he won’t always be as dominant as he was just weeks ago. People will now see if this legend in the making will live up to his hype.


Let the games begin…

The NBA has many athletes that the fans look up to but this offseason the fans are going to have a huge shift in the stars.

Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki are all potentially on the move so many jerseys will need updating in the 2010-2011 season.

Clippers fans are hoping for big changes this offseason.

Teams like the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers hope to make big changes in order go deep into the playoffs and beyond.

No matter what happens this offseason, fans are in store for a great season with fresh faces but also potentially disappointing seasons if they miss out on the free agent sweepstakes. Sorry Clippers, i’m looking in your direction.

This is 2010 after all…

Referees have made an impact in this World Cup.

3D TV’s, iPads, and hybrid cars. The year is 2010 and everything seems to be moving in the right direction when it comes to technology. Even sports have let the times change them.

Football allows referees to review replays in tough situations. As does baseball, basketball and even hockey. The only sport that seems to be staying behind is the world’s most popular sport; soccer.

Disallowed goals and other missed calls have cast a cloud over the World Cup yet again but the futbol world doesnt seem like it’ll be making a change soon.

England and Mexico are the latest teams to fall victim to the human eye.

The Three Lions had an equalizing goal taken away from them after previously being down 2 goals. The ball crossed the line and bounced back into play but neither referee saw what really happened so the game continued at 2-1 in Germany’s favor.

Mexico gave up the first goal of the game against Argentina but a missed offsides call made it possible. Carlos Tevez was well behind the nearest Mexican defender but the linesman missed the call and the Argentinians capatalized.

Although I agree that there should be some sort of replay in soccer, these games were not lost because of the calls. Both teams lost by two or more goals and the calls wouldn’t have changed the outcome drastically enough to save either teams World Cup dreams.

Replays in soccer should be held to potential offsides calls and goal line coverage. Fouls have always and should always be left to the referee. (Sorry USA)

Realistically speaking, the futbol world may only take in a replay system that will prevent a goal from being missed again or awarding a goal when it shouldn’t be given.

With that said, nothing is going to change in this year’s cup so everyone needs to stop worrying about missed calls and enjoy the world class competition.

Not surprised…

The world is having a hard time dealing with the recent losses of some of futbol’s biggest names.

Both Mexico and the United States failed to advance to the next round after disappointing outings against Argentina and Ghana. England had a tougher challenge in facing Germany while Italy didn’t even make it out of their group. But was anyone truly surprised by these team’s losses?

While Mexico is known worldwide for it’s soccer skills, they have never won a World Cup in its history.

The Americans went into this World Cup with high hopes as well. Their win-or-go-home attitude had them see early success but fail in the round of 16.

Both England and Italy had a great showing four years ago. England played their way into the quarterfinals while Italy won it all. 2010 proved to be a different story as both seemed old and tired this time around.

Now that these teams are out of contention, the spotlight is swinging back to the other powerhouses that should have had the attention from the beginning.

Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Germany all look to do what many quietly expected them to do; win.

Only time will tell if they too will disappoint or if they’ll be celebrating come July 11.

Get over it already…

Many days have passed since the United States was “robbed” of a victory in their last match against Slovenia.

Although it has been days since the referee potentially ruined one of the greatest comebacks in World Cup history for the Americans, the U.S. can’t seem to forget about it.

Players and fans alike were upset that the winning goal was waved off because of a fouled called before hand.

The fact of the matter is that it is the American’s fault for putting themselves in that scenario to begin with. Sub par play in the first half put them in a 2-0 hole that they proved was too much to overcome.

If the U.S. had played better defense, the difference between a victory and a draw wouldn’t have been left to the whistle of the referee to begin with.

Don’t blame the whistle for your shortcomings. The only ones to blame are the people in the American mirrors.

Landon Donovan and Tim Howard need focus on the task at hand, not the past.

What the World Cup is all about…

The World Cup has officially kicked off with a 1-1 tie between host South Africa and Mexico.

This one game gave viewers yet another glimpse at exactly what the World Cup is all about. The hosts were given little chance to keep up with the Mexicans and showed that any team can compete at any time.

South Africa came out a little shakey giving up three solid chances that could have spoiled the opener for them but they slowly gained composure heading into halftime.

The second half gave all the little teams hope when a counter attack put South Africa up 1-0.

Mexico caught some breaks as the hosts continued to push the tempo but missed multiple opportunities and eventually gave up the equalizer.

No one gave South Africa a chance and they proved that no game is predictable in the futbol world.

Now fans can go on enjoying the festivities of the World Cup knowing that sometimes even the favorites need some luck on their side.

A legend’s legacy…

The college basketball world was saddened by the news of John Wooden’s death early Friday night.

After 99 years of life, Wooden’s legacy will forever live in the UCLA basketball program as well as in college basketball all together. Legends such as Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar learned from Wooden and used their acquired skills in their professional careers. Wooden also touched many young coaches with his books and motivational speakings over the years.