Disappointment on the ice…

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are the biggest names in the National Hockey League.

The few true hockey fans look out for both names throughout the season and expect them both to go deep into the playoffs and win titles.

These same fans will be disappointed with this years’ Stanley Cup match-up of the Philadelphia Flyers and  Chicago Blackhawks. The last cup either team won was back in 1975 in the second of back-to-back titles won by the Blackhawks.

Both fans and NHL officials alike should be saddened that these two teams were left standing. The majority would love to see the Red Wings, the Penguins, or the Capitals win the cup every year and the NHL would thrive off these teams success.

Money is what everyone is working for and this match-up will hardly make the big bucks that would have been made with either of the two biggest names in hockey.

Although the Philly fans, along with Chicago fans, are well overdue for some success on the ice, the truth is that America wants to see the stars.

Many will still tune in to catch a glimpse of the finals, but everyone will wish deep down inside that there was a big-time team fighting for the cup.


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