Ice Bowl 2.0

What can be better than football being played outdoors in February?

The National Football League owners voted yesterday to have the 2014 Super Bowl take place in the new Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Previous years have avoided cold weather areas unless there was a dome to hide in so this bid was quite random to say the least.

So why risk playing in the snow for the biggest game of the year?

First off, New York City will be a great distraction from the weather for attending fans. Secondly, getting back to the roots of old-time football is exactly what this sport needs.

Helmets and shoulder pads already take enough away from football and its ancestors so they mind as well let the fans get a glimpse of the past and let these men enjoy some fun in the snow.

“We’ll all pray that it doesn’t snow that day,” said Michael Bidwell, President of the Arizona Cardinals, in an interview on Tuesday.

Fans should truly be rooting for another Ice Bowl like the one back in 1967’s NFC championship game but this time much more will be on the line, perhaps something called the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

When all is said and done, come February 2014, fans will be thanking the owners of today for creating what will surely go down as one of the better games in NFL History.


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