Bosh in purple and gold?

So the word around the web is that Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh is interested in becoming a Los Angeles Laker.

The Forward reportedly gave the front office a list of five teams he would be interested in signing with, which included: Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and the Raptors.

Although it only makes sense to say that there is no room on an already stacked Laker roster, a guy can always dream right?

An over-sized potential line-up at one point in the game may look something like Kobe Bryant at point guard, Ron Artest at shooting guard, Bosh at small forward, Pau Gasol at forward, and Andrew Bynum at Center. The surprising thing about this line-up is that although it seems too tall of a squad to be able to keep up with run-and-gun teams, these five could do so on a healthy day.

Bynum looked lackluster in game three against the Pheonix Suns on Sunday night, but the fact is, a healthy Bynum would have been able to keep up much better than he did that night.

This line-up may not work as an everday squad to start off the night but it could quite possibly be one of the many looks the Lakers could give to their opponents.

Pau Gasol and Chris Bosh are eerily similar when it comes to the way they work on the court. Both are capable of putting up 20+ points while grabbing 10+ rebounds on a daily basis. Both also aren’t shutdown players on the defensive end but their length will give opposing teams nightmares.

Lamar Odom would also prove to be valuable yet again coming off the pine with the rest of the Bench Mob. The speed in Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown and Odom would be the perfect change-up to implement against Laker foes.

Bosh becoming a Laker would not only help out an already deep bench, but it would also shake up the rest of the NBA as the other teams would scramble to try and keep up.

Although this team would be quite the sight to see, it still only remains a dream in the minds of fans.


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